Wildlife Filming & Photography

Filming in Bardia National Park gives the opportunity to foreign filmmakers to capture the plain landscapes of Terai Region and wildlife species including the famous “One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, and Gharial Crocodile” culture and lifestyle of “Tharu Community”.

Why Filming in Bardia National Park is popular?

Bardia National Park is a heritage property that includes 56 species of mammals, more than 500 species of birds and is the home to the famous “One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Dolphin, and Gharial Crocodile”. Bardia has the most beautiful wild-life possible in terms and is known to be an excellent filming location in Nepal considering the numerous filming projects that have been filmed inside the national park. Filming in Bardia National Park is one of the most sacred and impressive locations to film in Nepal. The “Tharu” community which surrounds the jungle in terms of offering their spiritual and welcoming dance is also a film worthy event with various others such as “Rhino Rangers” and “Elephant Rides & Bathing”.

Permits Required to Film in Bardia National Park

If you wish to take your filming in Bardia of Nepal, then there are a couple of steps in terms of getting approval on a government level.

First you need to ask for a permit with the “Ministry of Information & Communication” and National Heritage Body” which can all be acquired within a period of “15 Days” and this can be guaranteed even earlier by Tiger Track Nepal.

While filming in Bardia National Park, “2 Liaison Officers” will be appointed to supervise all filming activities.

First one being from the “Ministry of Information & Communication” and second liaison officer would be on behalf of “Bardia National Park Management” which would most probably be a “Ranger” considering safety measure and precautions that’s needs to be taken.

Logistics & Safety measurements required in Bardia National Park

Logistics and safety measurements need to be strongly considered while filming in the park. Being lost in the jungle can be one of the most horrific experiences faced by any person alongside the wild animals and poisonous plants can create multiple issues alongside snakes as a major issue as well. Overall general safety is highly recommended and working with experienced crew members alongside multiple experts that have back-ups in terms of safety should always be on set while filming in Bardia National Park.

Documents for Filming in Bardia National Park

Before you proceed, know detail about documents necessary for gaining film permits in Nepal.

  • Application for Shooting to Audio-Visual Section, Ministry of Information and Communications of the purpose of applying for the shooting permit. This job is handled by the local coordinator or professional fixer in Nepal. We handle this job by Tiger Track Nepal.  
  • An assignment letter- mentioning the local coordinator. It is to be done by the foreign filmmaker 
  • An application form
  • Supporting documents
  • A theme in the form of storyboard, presentations, etc. 
  • Concept and Lyrics for music videos
  • Present the objectives of the program and detail of the content
  • A complete schedule of filming in Bardia National Park including dates, locations, time, and Space details
  • Name-list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of all foreign film crews.
  • Equipment Details Letters (values of custom clearance as well)

How Tiger Track Nepal Help You Out While Filming in Bardia National Park?

Even though there are lots of film production companies in Nepal, only few of them have real time expertise in filming in wildlife. Tiger Track Nepal is giving every film production services for more than six year. There is no other wildlife film production will go extra mile to full fill all your filming requirements for Bardia National Park.

  • Understand you requirements
  • Location Scouting around Bardia National Park for the best footage
  • Visa Process
  • Filming and Fixing
  • Acquiring Film Permits and License for Filming in Bardia
  • Accommodation
  • Travel Logistics and Management
  • Filming Equipment and Custom Clearance