Ethical Interaction with Wildlife

Interaction with Wildlife – Code of Practice and Ethics

This organization has complied with the code of practice and ethics recommended by WildTiger Conservation Research and Development (WildTiger with regard to interaction with wildlife in the fields of wildlife tourism and conservation research.

Non invasive interaction with wildlife has become an increasingly important aspect to effectively maintain ecosystems.  Wildlife management protocols rely on cooperation from all stakeholders including wildlife tourism operators and wildlife research assistance both of which fit into the practices of TigerTrack Nepal.

TigerTrack Nepal has met the criteria set out by WildTiger and has vowed to conduct operations in areas where wildlife inhabit with the utmost care, caution, safety and respect.  Not interrupting wildlife as it goes through its natural behavior is fundamental to allowing ecological balance to be maintained.  Proximity to wildlife, noise levels, correct clothing and minimal impact movement through wildlife zones are factors in maintaining the code thereby ensuring that interaction with wildlife is at a level of least effect.

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